Sunday, October 12, 2008

count your distractions ... er, blessings!

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to write without children and all the other people in my life. To sit down and write and not be interrupted! What a gift! But as I get older I see these things not as distractions but as blessings that enrich life and my work.

I can't tell you what fun Paul and I had barreling down to Sequim Prairie Grange again for the fiddler's jam on Saturday. Heaven must be full of fiddles and banjos. The oldest fiddler was 92 and has been playing since childhood, never had a lesson, can't read a note, and is right out of HEE HAW. One lady there was 102! And there were three long-haired fiddling teens that gave us goosebumps they were so good! Randy and Wyatt stayed home to make cider all day but they're going to join us next time. If you haven't figured out how much I love the violin/fiddle, you must be new to this blog. I came home ready to write after all that fun which goes to show that all writing and no play makes Laura a very dull girl.

Back to distractions ... In Red River Daughter I had the best time writing about children. And I felt I could do so with some authority since I have two. But I kept them small in this book - babies, actually. And I loved them dearly by book's end. And I'm still missing them. I tried to sneak a baby or two into The Scrivener's Daughter but it's not going to work with this one. Paper babies are so much easier than real ones! No colic even!

A friend recently asked me how I come up with characters - do I create them based on the people I know or do I just dream them up? I really just dream them up. And I see myself in every character I write, even the bad.

As we head into a busy week full of fiddling, writing, a wedding, and church supper, I hope you have a few distractions - I mean blessings of your own:)

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