Sunday, December 11, 2011

cover candy

I thought it would be fun to see who could spy my next cover first rather than posting it here when I get the green light. Book covers are a bit tricky. There's no formal announcement its on its way, at least for this author. Someone at Revell just quietly posts it on the web and people stumble across it. Even the author!

Granted, I'm given a final image several weeks beforehand but have to wait to share till it appears on the net. But I really don't know when that magic happens. No matter what - or when - it's always a wonderful surprise when it's finally out there:)

Here are 2 covers from the colonial era, that I'm wild about:) The new Love Finds You in Annapolis by Roseanna White is out as of this month and is a great historical. Siri Mitchell's The Messenger follows in March.

Every house does cover art a bit differently. The cover for Love's Reckoning is in process. A search is on for a model in her 20's. Recently I met the photographer/designer for this project and he's nearly in my backyard - Seattle! His work is exquisite. He's done historicals for both the CBA and ABA. He and the costume company had some questions this time round about the dress. He even sent a portfolio of several dresses and hats to choose from this past week. I was asked to pick my favorites and these were sent on to editorial and marketing for review.

I'd love to have someone here spy the cover for Love's Reckoning first, even before me! First one who finds it on the web will win an Amazon gift card ($25). Some of you are very savvy cover-spotters...

Have you seen any covers for 2012 either in the CBA or ABA that "pop" for you? Maybe you have your own new cover to show us (waving at Carla and Keli!). If so, please do! If you're dreaming about your first cover, feel free to share that, too. Once upon a time I did that, too...

Happy hunting!


  1. Oh, I'm always dreaming about covers. I've even tried my hand at a few (until I lost my favorite easy-peasy photo program to an upgrade, and found they no longer make that program; most of that photo editing software is beyond my skill set). I hope a cover designer one day blows my little efforts out of the water though!

    Can't WAIT to see LR's.

  2. I'm sure the cover of LR will be beautiful, and in the meantime, I really love the dress on Roseanna's Annapolis book. The story's great, too. Not just the cover. :-)

  3. Lori, I've seen your covers and they're gorgeous! Especially TPOTL! Just goes to show that you can not only write but have an artistic bent. I keep hoping you pursue your children's book as that artwork of yours for that is incredible. I can't paint anything, I'm afraid, or mock up even the most basic cover so appreciate those who can.

    I hope LR blows my hopes out of the water, too. I think we'll be seeing a very different cover this time than the last three. Kind of scary - but a good scary;)

  4. Naomi, About that dress... I think the author should GET the dress, don't you?! Just an added perk! So glad you enjoyed the book. I did, too. I especially like the realism of this cover and her pose. It's fresh and interesting and so true to the story. Speaking of covers, I googled you on Amazon the other day and read the blurb of your upcoming book and can't wait till they post the cover. Guess we're both waiting...

    Thanks so much for being here. Hope you and your family are having a blessed December! I sure miss that age!

  5. How exciting, Laura! I'll definately be on the lookout for your new book cover! Can I indulge a curiosity? I've heard that the author's level of participation in the cover process varies with different publishing houses, and I'm wondering how much say you have. All of your book covers are beautiful, and I'm sure that LR will be as well. :-)

  6. Gwen, Love how you phrased that - indulge your curiosity:) My pleasure! Since I've only worked with Revell, my insight into the cover process is pretty limited. I'd love to hear what other authors from different pubs do for cover art. But I'll be glad to share from my end.

    Would you believe that 2 years before the book is released, I fill out a titling/cover questionaire about the book? This is when the theme of the novel is discussed as well as my hopes/ideas/dreams for the cover. Things get pretty quiet until that actual manuscript is handed in, about a year later in my case, as I only do one book a year. Once that book moves through editorial, the art team and marketing team get busy with cover design. They take a look at that titling/cover info from the year before, pick a photographer/designer and begin searching for the right cover model. I get a little fuzzy as to what happens next.

    This time, my 4th book, I've actually had more involvement than the previous ones, maybe because it's my first series and we hope to get things just right. I don't think anyone knows the book better than the author and so it really is vital when authors get to help with cover design, right down to the dress:)

    Once the cover model is found and the photo session(s) is complete, everything is sent to the pub so the art team inhouse can do their magic. I'm not sure just how they do what they do! Oh, to be there and watch!

    For TCL, I was sent a comp or one fo the first attempts at the cover just to see what I thought about the model's pose and the scene. I suggested her hair be curled and darkened to black. The final turned out very different than this first comp.

    Anyway, lest I write a novella here, I hope this gives you some idea. And I hope I've gotten it right! Thanks so much for your question(s). I love answering them.

  7. Love those covers! I can't wait for Siri's cover. :D

    Oh my goodness, the hunt?? I have no idea where Rel gets her's, I usually just wait until she pops them up. LOL!

    I can't WAIT to see your next one. I hope it has a hero on it. ;-)

  8. Casey, I'm with you all the way! I sure hope my hero is on the cover - at least the back - as the series bears his name and he's so central to the story. I'm SO excited about this book for several reasons. I was able to do something I've not done before which I'm just dying to tell you about but you'll see for yourself soon enough!

    Oh my, ain't publishing grand;)

  9. Laura, you already know how important covers are to me! And I believe it will remain important even as we move further into the ebook era because you still need that image to entice you to buy. Or at least I do :) If that sounds superficial, I have a perfectly valid explanation: I'm a Gen Y. You have to grab our attention in a matter of seconds, or you've lost your chance. Something for authors and publishers to keep in mind as Gen Y's slowly take up a larger share of the adult fiction market.

    As an aspiring writer, I haven't even thought about my own book covers yet! I'm stuck wrestling with the doubts of whether I can write a whole book :P

    All these covers are lovely. The one that draws my attention the most is Siri Mitchell's. It's all in the look in the model's eyes ... I need to know what's going on! And I haven't read Siri Mitchell before, so that could be enough to pop this book on my to read list :)

    Can't wait to see Love's Reckoning's cover! Though I'll pretty much guarantee I won't be the first to spot it. I wouldn't even know where to begin lol.

  10. Just curious... what's a time frame we could start looking for it in??? Like, should I start searching everyday right now, or in maybe another couple weeks or what? I'm very interested and I LOVE your books!!! I think my favorite cover so far is Morrow Little's.

  11. There is nothing like stumbling across a new cover, especially one from a beloved author! I can only imagine how it must be for authors who see their covers for the first time :)

    Casey ~ my secrets die with me!!! Hehehehe!

  12. I like The Messenger's cover the best of the three you highlighted. It suggests an air of mystery, doesn't it? Right away I want to know what she's fleeing from. That cover would make me pick up the book.

    A cover I have my eye on is Heart's Safe Passage by Laurie Alice Eakes. It's coming out in February. I can't wait!!!

  13. Oh, I did hunt and came up empty handed so far. You're li'l clues are so vague. <};^) But the detective in me won't give up. I can't wait to see the finished product.

  14. Helen,
    You've brought out such a good point - the cover has to pop and be picked up so there's precious seconds to make an impact, especially with the younger generation. You'd be a great addition to a pub's marketing team:) Siri's cover is very intruguing adn since it's a Quaker spy story they seem to have captured the suspense on the cover very well. I love Siri's books so if you haven't read them you're in for a treat! My personal favorite is Love's Pursuit though it's a bit sad. But beautifully written.

    Happy reading to you!

  15. Janell, Oh, thanks so much for your great comments:) You're not alone in liking Morrow's story best - I hear that a lot! I really miss her and RS and wish I could go back into that world...

    Good question! I don't expect to see the cover on the web till later in January, given the holidays and people out of the office, etc. I might be wrong but they're only beginning to move on the model/photo shoot this month. It may even be into February before we see anything. But it is quite odd as it really does just "appear" without warning.

    Hope your December is blessed! Thanks so much for making my day!

  16. Rel, That is quite a moment - receiving that file with your cover title on it. I always wait a moment and say a prayer before opening it:) It's always different than anything I could imagine - and usually much better. I've been delighted the last 2x.

    I think you do have a few cover finding secrets! Your last batch was so delightful! And that Amazon card could make it to Oz no problem;)

  17. Kav, I'm with you - The Messenger is my fav of the 3 for the reasons you said. Love the air of intrigue and mystery. She is fleeing from someone and in that era it meant life and death being a spy/traitor. They also nailed all the colonial elements right down to the brick wall. I believe the story is set in Philadelphia.

    So happy to see you here! And you brought up another amazing cover - Laurie Alice's is just WOW! When I first saw it I thought Revell had outdone themselves once again. The colors are wonderful as is her looking outward, etc.

    Bless you bunches:)

  18. Winter, Likewise! I can't wait to see yours!! I wouldn't worry about mine till sometime in January or later. I'm on a different publication schedule now so instead of having the cover for you in Oct. or Nov. it's now later, just don't know when.

    I'd love to know how they do things with your pub but being a debut author you probably don't know yet. Thx so much for your comments - and your hunting!

  19. What great covers. I look forward to seeing your latest one, Laura.

  20. The search is on!! Can't wait.
    I pray you are doing well!
    have a fantastic Monday!

  21. Keli, Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm so impressed by your new cover and hope everyone goes to Amazon to check it out as soon as it appears! Or visit your blog for a showing:) Not too much longer now. I like the fact we're releasing in the same summer!

  22. Kristen,
    Thanks so much! I imagine you have much more on your mind that cover hunting with that wee one in your house:) This will be your best Christmas ever, I'm thinking, as she becomes smitten with the Christmas tree and all else! Happy holidays to you and can't wait to see pics!

  23. The man on Sally Laity's cover bears a striking resemblance to the hero from the Christy TV series I think.

    I can't wait to see your cover. I'm quite sure I won't be first, but I'll be excited whenever I do see it :)

    As an aspiring writer, the count is on. After 1 1/2 years I'm over 60K and should be finishing my novel by February. This speed is dreadfully slow, I realize, but at 3 hours and 3K words a week I've been inching to my goal.

  24. Julia, Slow and steady wins the race:) You're living proof! I'm really thrilled you've come so far. When February comes you'll look back and marvel you took the time and made good use of it. Even a few pages a week makes a book if you persist. So many want to write a book and start one but finishing is another matter entirely! Congrats ahead of schedule:)

    It will be fun to see who comes up with the cover first - and where it is. Maybe Revell or the Amazon sites. It's up on Goodreads, thanks to Margaret tipping me off!! But no cover image yet, of course.

    Praying you and your littles and Mr. C have the most blessed Christmas ever, dear Julia!

  25. Thanks for your insight on the cover process! I have heard of the questionaire -- but wow! -- two years beforehand! It's nice that they let you review the cover and make suggestions for TCL. You're right -- no one know's the book like the author. ;-)

  26. I think your covers have gotten better with each successive book, Laura! I can't wait to see what the team at Revell cooks up for your new release!

  27. Ruth, I do agree with you:) Revell seems to have figured out what makes my books tick. They've improved each time and seem to capture the essence of the story. Will be very interesting to see what they do with this one as it's so vastly different than anything in the past. Like I said, not an Indian or settler in sight;) And sadly, no Colonel McLinn!

    Can't wait to see what you've been up to your way. Am thinking you're fully immersed in DA. Thanks so much for stopping here!

  28. Both of those books are on my wishlist! Siri's books are ALWAYS amazing and just judging by the cover alone I can just bet this one will be no exception! Have you seen the cover for Lisa Bergren's Glamorous Illusions? GORGEOUS!

    XOXO~ Renee

  29. This is all very exciting. I lose my heart in the covers alone of your books. If they keep getting better HOW AM I GOING TO BE ABLE TO READ the next one!? OH MY! I have to reiterate my love for CML. THAT book is MY SOUL. MY DREAMS. I could never attempt to write such a book like that because you fulfilled already the desire from the depths of my heart. I'm so sorry if this sounds all too deep- and cheesy- but its true. I hope my dad reads it some day. We are two peas in a pod, and that is another reason why I loved CML. I think he'd find the same joy in reading it. I cannot WAIT til next fall and your new book- whatever the cover looks like! Your words, prose, writing...they have inspired me in my own writing, to follow the leading God has encouraged me on, and I THANK YOU, dear LAURA! Blessings!

  30. Renee, OH MY! The dress, the dress! Even the background is beautiful! Hmmm, you seem to have a knack for new covers. I think this might be a short hunt for LR!

    You're so right. Siri can't seem to write a bad book! And I think this one will be my favorite after Love's Pursuit. I still haven't gotten over that one...

    Kiss Coco for me;)

  31. Sweet Pea, I want to frame your words! This author's dream:) I love all my books for different reasons but I think Courting Morrow Little is the *sweetest* story I've ever written or will write. Sometime I'll tell you just what went in to that story and how it almost wasn't published!

    And I'm honored you think your dad would like it, too. I have quite a few male readers and enjoy hearing from them. Some of my favorite reviews are written by men. They have such a differenet perspective than us petticoats:)

    So happy you're here and hope your house is bursting at the seams with Christmas spirit! Thanks so very much for your wonderful comments. I'll remember them.

  32. OH MY! Excuse the typos tonight, folks:0

  33. Historical novels have the best covers overall because there is so much you can do with dresses to make a cover gorgeous! Tamera Alexander's latest book has a beautiful cover, too.

  34. Michelle, SO good to see you here! Thanks for the early Christmas present;) You're right - A Lasting Impression is gorgeous! Just right for the setting/mansion, etc. You're also right about historical covers. The first concern about my new cover seemed to be THE DRESS. I can't wait to see what they do at Revell. Hoping they put my hero somewhere, too, hopefully on the back in profile or something like that.

    Thoughts and prayers with you down your way, dear Michelle! I always love bumping into you:)

  35. I sent you an email to your inbox :) Let me know you got it.

  36. Got it, dear Stacie, and thank you! A reply is on the way:)

  37. I love the covers of your books. They help me visualize whats going on in my head. I also think that authors should definetely have a say in what the covers look like. After all, it is their book, right? They spent all that time and effort crafting it. Shouldn't they play a part, even if it is a verbal one, on the final cover?

    P.S. I have The Colonel's Lady on my "need to read" list. Can't wait to explore! :)

  38. Eszter,
    So good to see you here again:) And glad we agree about authors and covers! Although I'm not supposed to think of my books as babies but more as products (which is hard for me), I really do have a certain look I hope my new baby will have. And I love that my covers so far help you visualize what's going on in your head as you read! That's certainly the best outcome for author and reader:)

    I hope you like/love Roxanna's story when you read it. So happy you want to! Bless you for your great comments and please stay in touch!

  39. Thanks so much for stopping by our blog, and we appreciate your prayers so much!!! We have had a really good new year... a wonderful time of testimonies of what the Lord has done in the lives of our church members this morning in services, and a good crowd for church (which isn't always a given on this side of the world for New Years morning). Looking forward to what the Lord will do in this coming year.

    P.S. I used this post to comment on because I can't seem to find a comment form for a post that doesn't already have comments on it...not sure why but anyway.

  40. Janell, So good to see you here, there, or anywhere! I'm thrilled your rejoicing in what the Lord has done in the past year and looking forward to what He brings in the coming one. I need the reminder to do that, too. Sometimes I tend to dwell on the melancholy a bit much and gloss over the blessings, which far exceed the other!

    Our church attendance this morning was quite small. Pastor even commented on the low numbers but we're a tiny church anyway - only about 75 people. But maybe not too bad for being so deep in the woods:)

    It's a joy to visit your site. I have it bookmarked so I can return to it. Over break I've had the privilege of getting to know a family in TN who are serving Christ in the sports world through Every Nation and then learn more about another missionary family who live on their sailboat and distribute Bibles and preach all over the Carribbean and other parts. It's so fascinating to see how creatively the Lord works in the world! And your family is a blessed part of that!

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!