Monday, April 18, 2011

a bit of april whimsy

Whimsy is a wonderful word. I don't use it as much as I like.

whimsy: (1605) whim, caprice; a fanciful or fantastic device, object, or creation especially in writing or art

If I could, I'd invite you into my sunroom and we'd have tea and talk about whatever tickles your fancy;) Sounds sort of inviting for a rainy April day! I'm partial to pretty cups and mugs like these, and some exquisite china cups in a Dundee thistle pattern figure prominently in The Colonel's Lady. Those characters seem to sip a lot of tea between those 408 pages...

I'd serve you some 18th-century Bohea or Conjou (or Gunpowder tea) and sneak in some 18th-century edibles like candied roses and violets or sugared almonds. Coffee wasn't very popular until after the American Revolution and chocolate was mostly for the rich. But tea was consumed in great quantities during my beloved colonial period.

In honor of whimsy, spring, tea, and books, I'd love to gift you with this wonderful oversized mug called Lost in the Pages , created by our very own Heather. Winner announced this Friday.

So, which tea will you be having? And what shall we talk about? Best loved books? Heroes? Writing and publishing? The upcoming Royal Wedding? Homeschooling? Easter? Dust bunnies? Your latest blessings? That latest Amazon order? Go ahead - it's your party! If nobody shows, we'll just eat all those candied violets ourselves;)

There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a cup of tea. ~Emerson

Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage. ~ Catherine Douzel


  1. Oh what fun - I absolutely love Heather's artwork! :) Let's see...I'll have chai tea, and let's talk about the new Upstairs Downstairs on Masterpiece Classic. :)

  2. Ruth, I saw your own recent post and smiled over that lovely Jane Eyre mug. Heather is the most whimsical artist I know! And chai is one of my favs:) Oh my, there are more than a few new Upstairs Downstairs fans here. I hope there's a worthy hero in the mix!! We authors are always scouting for a template or two...

  3. A tea party, and the best kind too! I'll have English Breakfast tea with a splash of milk, please. :)

    Ruth, I have the first season of Upstairs, Downstairs from the library, but haven't found the time to start it. Since they only allow us a week with DVDs, even a whole season, I may have to go back on the waiting list. I'll try to tear myself away from my on-going lunch-hour rewatch of the entire LOST series today, and have a peek at the first episode.

    Laura, after two Amazon orders this month, my TBR stack is about to topple. It's so hard to ignore all that yummy historical fiction while I keep plowing through my research for the current novel. I'm still reading Mine is the Night, after just finishing Ann Shorey's The Dawn of a Dream (and meeting Ann for a book signing on Sat. Check my blog for a review and photos today of her new release).

    What a fun giveaway. I love big tea cups!

  4. I'd have a nice English Breakfast, with some bread and strawberry-rhubarb jam.

    Beautiful mug!

  5. I love just a hot cup of whatever is on hand. I like it dark...but not *too* dark. :)

    Oh dear, I would want to talk writing. And I think we would be there for hours, but mostly I have an idea I would just be basking in the joy of soaking up knowledge. And meeting one wonderful lady.

  6. Casey, I'm with you, not too dark, and that includes chocolate;) I'm a milk chocolate girl all the way! Bless you for your gracious comments.

    I'd be happy to answer any writing questions if anyone has any! If you can think of any come back over! It's fun to turn the tables and have you all ask me things for a change;)

  7. Rosslyn,
    We're truly kindred spirits as I love EB and that flavor jam. I miss my jam making days! I've had to give up quite a bit of that since writing kicked in fulltime. BTW, dear debut author;) Amazon just told me your beautiful book is on the way! Will have to visit you today and see what you're thinking about over there...

  8. Lori, Isn't this mug grand! And so fitting for us page turners;) I've often thought how great it would be two be gifted in writing AND art like you and Heather here...

    BTW, I just heard via a loop that James Scott Bell has another great craft book out so ordered that this morning. It's called Writing Fiction For All You're Worth and is only $2.99 or something as an ebook!

    My TBR stack is toppling, too. I do want to influence for Kaye's upcoming contemporary so if anyone here is interested I think she's posting about that on her blog. I need to hustle over there and get on the list. So glad you spent the day with Ann! Will look forward to going over to your blog later.

    What a crazy, fun, busy day this is! Having you all show up here and trying to clean and get ready for a Passover Seder tonight! Blessings abound!

  9. How lovely to be invited to tea! I am sure whatever tea you serve will be delightful, and I'll add sugar and a spot of milk to mine. My grandfather carried forth this custom of tea with milk from his own English-born grandparents. It would be my pleasure to bring a small hostess gift:


    1 cup butter (no substitutes), softened
    1 1/2 cups sugar
    3 eggs
    2 teaspoons vanilla extract
    1 teaspoon lemon or almond extract
    3 cups all-purpose flour
    1 tablespoon baking powder
    1/4 teaspoon salt

    powdered sugar for topping

    In a mixing bowl, cream butter and sugar. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Beat in extracts. Combine flour, baking powder and salt; gradually add to the creamed mixture (the dough will be soft). Drop by teaspoonfuls 2 in. apart onto greased baking sheets. Bake at 375 degrees F for 7-8 minutes or until the edges are golden brown. Remove to wire racks to cool. Place on a serving plate and sprinkle lightly with powdered sugar.

    Plants used for herbal teas include:

    Fennel--Since ancient times the seeds have been used for a stomach tea. People have even given it to babies with colic. The seeds can be dried on the plant and then shook into a paper bag for storage. When dried, the seeds have a very strong licorice flavor.

    Lavender--It is not often used for tea, but can be added to Earl Gray for a party tea. It does make a floral tasting tea that also blends well with other herbs (like chamomile).

    Rose Hips--Colorful rose hips will make a citrus-tasting tea that is rich in vitamin C. Add to any tea for flavor and vitamins.

    Lemon Balm--It is easy to grow and readily reseeds and makes a very healthy tea with a distinct lemon aroma. This is thought to be an immune boosting tea and one that dispels colds when they are just beginning.

    Orange Mint--Orange mint has a pleasant citrus fragrance and flavor. There are many varieties of mint each with it's distinct taste: spearmint, peppermint, apple mint or even chocolate mint. Mint will grow readily indoors in a very cool, sunny window in a large pot.

    Bee Balm--This herb makes a naturally citrus flavored sweet tea and is known as the Oswego tea plant (named after the first botanist who collected it). The colonial people learned of this plant from the natives soon use it. You can use both the leaves and flowers for tea but if you leave the flowers behind the hummingbirds and bees will visit! It is best to use the young leaves as the older leaves may give a bitter aftertaste.

    Lemon Verbena--People all over love this tea with its wonderful fresh, lemony scent. It is most often added to other teas to impart a lemon scent and flavor.

    Anise Hyssop--Both the leaves and flowers of this plant are used for delicious licorice-flavored tea.

    Chamomile--This sweet and also pretty herb is known as the relaxing herb. It is one of the ingredients in most "night time" teas. For tea, pick the golden flowers any time the white petals appear. Use fresh or place on paper towel or screen for a few days, store in paper bags or clean jars. Just be sure they are really dry before closing in a jar.

  10. Oh Virginia, I was so hoping you would come! And leave it to you to bring a gift:) Thanks so much for the delicious recipe - another one of my favorite pasttimes is baking so we are on the same page there! And herbs are among my favorite things. When I was writing TFD, I had a large herb garden and took great joy in tending my bee balm and verbena and mints and thymes and everjoyful lavender. Now I keep some of them in pots on the deck and the bees do love them. Not to mention those butteflies and hummingbirds...

    I'm going to make the tea cakes - and love the family history that comes with it. You are a blessing! I can just see you sipping from this mug by Heather:)

  11. Just wanted to say my dear friend and historical fiction lover and fellow writer, Carrie, is hosting a blog birthday party and giving away a copy of TFD for any of you who would like your own copy or to give to a friend. Thanks so much, Carrie! You are such a blessing:)

  12. Whoops! Can you tell I'm in a tea party tizzy? Here's Carrie's blog address...

  13. Oh, what fun to partake in a tea party! I was introduced to English Breakfast tea a few months ago, so I'll have a spot of that with something sweet, like gingerbread, and something savory, like mini-quiche.

    I'll talk about writing, including fear, frustration and writer's block, and reading, which includes how divine "Mine is the Night" by Liz Curtis Higgs is. Also, I'm collecting a great deal of mindless, fluffy chick-lit to take on our vacation in a few weeks.

  14. I could not imagine eating a candied rose or violet but I guess you would have sweetly scented breathe? LOL

    I love a good chai tea with honey or a chai tea latte so I would be totally happy discussing Upstairs Downstairs with you and Ruth and the other ladies while munching on those tea cakes that Virginia is making! ;-) BTW did you know that you can make tea from Dandelions? My little brother used to get this Christian magazine that featured fun stories about animals and nature and I remember reading an article that you can eat pretty much any part of the dandelion including the flower! I know my dad loves fried dandelion greens but I can't bring myself to try them. Maybe someday...or maybe not.

    XOXO~ Renee

  15. So happy to have one of my mugs featured here, Laura! I hope whoever the lucky winner is enjoys it :) I firmly believe that everything tastes better in a pretty dish ;)

    We recently got a Keurig so I've been on a coffee bent, good thing I didnt give it up for Lent ;) How could I not be obsessed with flavors like 'carmel vanilla cream.' Mmmm....

    If we could get together for tea, I'd love to talk to you about writing, old timey things, odd historical facts and quirks and pretty old clothes :)

  16. I loved seeing the Jane Eyre mug on Ruth's blog--those mugs are adorable! :) Plus, after having read the book, the saying is simply too funny! I'd love a chance to win this mug; it looks very cute. :) Thank you so much!

    As for me, I'd love some Peach or Raspberry tea. :) I'm definitely a fruit-flavor girl when it comes to tea. And no iced tea for me--I like my tea hot! ;)

    Let's see...what to chat about...

    Well, I've only got two more weeks of classes left!! I'm very excited for summer vacation. :)

    My daddy and I were talking on the phone the other day, and we were thinking that maybe we should write a book together sometime. :) He's had so many amazing life experiences, and I don't really know how I would be able to add much! But it would be super fun to do research with him--we're both fascinated with Native American culture, and he worked as the police chief of a reservation near our area for a while...

    And I'm also getting excited for writing the sequel to my first manuscript! I came across some interesting information when I was working on a word study assignment for a class recently that I'm thinking about incorporating. :)

    Sorry for going on and on about me! I hope you're having a wonderful day, Laura! There's some sunshine here in Oregon--I'll try to send some up to you! :)



  17. Amber, I love catching up with you this way! You college girls ares so busy and when you stop by it brings SO MUCH LIFE to my blog!!

    I really hope you and your dad do a book together. It's such a wonderful legacy to leave you and your children and grands, etc. I think it's fascinating to hear he worked on a reservation. I'm sure he has many stories locked inside him waiting to be penned! As you know, I share your native culture fascination if you couldn't tell by Captain Jack and Red Shirt;)

    And I'm so glad you are about to begin your sequel. That's the wonderful thing about series is that you don't have to say goodbye to beloved characters once and for all. It's so interesting to hear where you draw inspiration from as it's truly everywhere!

    I think some fruit tea would go very nicely into this oversized mug:) Bless you so much, Amber. Praying for you as you write and do all else!

  18. Heather, YAY! Our resident artist is here;) I have one more wonderful thing to add to your list of things we'd talk about - Tasha Tudor. She continues to inspire me and I'm amazed/humbled/awed that she donated her 18th-century gowns to museums like she did. Wouldn't it have been fun to see how she displayed them when she owned them in that old, historic house of hers?

    Chuckling about that Keurig as I was eyeing one at Wally World the other day;) I gave up sweets for lent but had an inciting incident recently after which I succumbed to a chocolate carrot...

    Thinking of you this week, Heather, as I know it's a busy one for you!

  19. Renee, Oh, you're making me a fan of UD and I've yet to watch episode one!! I'm like Lori here and have it on my list but things keep getting in the way. I am overdue for a rerun of North&
    South. Almost watched again over spring break...

    YES, dandelions are good for a good many things, even salads. I think it's great your dad likes them fried:) That warms mine and Lael's heart! Randy is partial to nettles here only they are so shocking (literally), you have to pick them with gloves. Once they're boiled they taste very fine and are a perfect spring tonic. We also have been eating a lot of wild morel mushrooms, another woodsy delicacy. If you fry anything in enough butter or bacon fat, it tastes good, I'm thinking;)

  20. YAY! Mary is here! That sure makes me smile:) I'm currently in mourning over finishing Mine is the Night and wishing there was a sequel to that sequel! What a book! As for your vacation reading, that sounds perfect. Nothing heavy or sad on vacation. I hope you're headed to the beach as you have such beautiful ones there.

    I must admit to craving gingerbread lately and actually stuffed it in the epilogue of The Colonel's Lady at the very last;) I've discovered a new love - macaroons. Mercy! I never had a macaroon in my life till about a month ago when pastor's wife served them at Bible study. And let me tell you, that made me a believer. The chocolate dipped ones are just amazing little things. I think it was from a botched Scots recipe many years ago. Glad the baker tasted them before throwing them out!

    So glad you're back online. I'll be over to visit:)

  21. Buckingham Palace tea would be the tea of my choice; a blend of Earl Grey and Jasmine. I would take it with a little milk and sugar.

    My sisters and I (maybe my mom) are planning to watch the wedding of HRH Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton on-line. I've been looking forward to this one for a year. This will be my sixth royal wedding to see live on-line; two from Denmark, one from Norway, one from Sweden, and one from Spain. Kate will be a beautiful bride I am certain.

    Right now I'm in the middle of reading a fantastic book called The Preacher's Bride by Jody Hedlund. I have it checked out of the library, but it will definitely go on my "to buy" list. Wow! What a book. Even though 17th century England is very interesting I am so glad to live in America in the 21st century.

  22. Sylvia, So fun to catch up with you here! I'm a fan of sugar and milk/cream, too, though lately I've been drinking my Constant Comment without.

    I'm getting excited about the royal wedding, too. I missed Diana and Fergie's as I was on an island for the first and didn't have tv or anything. Not sure why I missed the second. This one is sure to be quite interesting. They seem to be a very good match!

    Happy reading to you!

  23. Thank you for inviting me to tea! This is the best thing you could do for a lover of all things tea. This is my favorite tea right now.

    Vietnam Yen Bai OP

    (description on loose tea bag)

    Assam lovers stand amazed. Teas of surprising quality are emerging from Northern Vietnam. Wild tea trees are plucked and expertly processed. The finished product glows coppery in the cup with notes of cocoa and sweet spice against a stout background.

    Add a little milk and raw sugar and we are good to go!

    While we are sipping our tea and eating Virginia's tea cookies, I start our conversation off with a one line sentence and begin to weave a story. I would add a bit and then you would add a bit. We would be so caught up with the story telling that we would not even realize so much time has passed. Then you would say to me "Stacie, this is so good I think it should be published!" Not only is our award winning novel published but we will be on the New York Times Best Seller list for 20wks. You would get your cottage in Kentucky and I would get mine on Prince Edward Island!

    That was some tea we had wasn't it!! I am laughing so hard. What a fun idea for a post you had!


  24. Stacie, I get so tickled at you sometimes;) Vietnamese tea sounds quite interesting! And I love your "pass the story around" idea! You have a writer's heart! I think we'd all be laughing so hard we wouldn't get anything else done! Love the raw sugar and milk, too, and the hints of cocao and copper, etc.

    I might even trade my cottage in Kentucky for one on Prince Edward Island! That's on my list of places to visit as I'm such an LM Mongtomery lover. All things Ann! Or rather, The Blue Castle!

    Bless you for coming to tea. It sure blesses me;)

  25. Sitting down to tea is just the thing right before the Royal Wedding? Anyone planning on watching or are you colonials too colonial? I'll admit to a fascination with a royal wedding.

    I'd like some rosehip tea, please. I've brought some to share, steeping in my happy sunflower teapot. Ohh -- and lavendar die for!!!! with just a dusting of powdered sugar on top. Yum.

    Heather's artwork is definitely whimsical. I LOVE it. I'll have to frequent her online shop more often.

    Gotta run -- heading out to my second job. Monday's are such a bear!

  26. Yes, Kav, Mondays are!! But you're here so you've made it much better:) I do have a soft spot for weddings, even royal ones, and think this one will be grand. I like to write wedding scenes especially even though they've fallen out of favor as an ending in recent years and been branded too cliche.

    Oh, rosehip tea sounds heavenly. I even love the words. And lavender scones! Recently I had some lavender lemonade and it was very, very good. Makes me wish I had a glass right now as the sun is shining though it's very cold in the shade. Thoughts and prayers with you today. Am so glad you're in the drawing!

  27. This is a great tea party, Laura! However, I switched from tea to coffee a few years back--when my after school job stretched late into evening hours. (We graded essays for standardized tests from 5:30 until 10:30. Coffee became my lifeline.) I always link tea with the Boston Tea Party and taxes--so tax day is the perfect day for your party!

    I do love mugs, though. The one you're giving away is adorable. I'm a sucker for all the beautiful mugs they display at gift shops and book stores--especially if they come with matching bags and boxes.

    I'd want to talk about books and writing. It appears that the ACFW Conference will be a reality for me this year. So maybe I can pick your brain there:) Or we can just chat. No matter what we have in our mugs, that would be fun!

  28. Renee Ann, I'm a coffee fan myself but have to go decaf as the real stuff gets me tweaked;) And I am SO thrilled you're going to be at ACFW! I do plan on going but won't know until July. You're in for such a treat if this is your first time. It's so very well done and you feel like a queen while there! We will certainly have a meal together at least, if I do come.

    Teacher's hours sound like writer's hours. I just knew you were one!!

  29. I must be a little young, because I was about 7 when I even found out there was such a thing as a real princess. I thought they were made up, and that we only had presidents. I didn't find out until our television program was interrupted with news that Diana had died.
    I have had about 4 cups of green tea today, so maybe some rose tea. I have heard of it but I have not tried it. I am curious though. I mostly make my teas from loose leaf or even the garden.
    Speaking of gardening, I was looking in a Peterson Field Guide for edible wild plants, and they have recipes for candied flowers. Reminded me of this post. :)

  30. Adrienne, I'm smiling and chuckling at your princess/president story is priceless:) When I was 7, I used to think I was a princess. Glad that got cleared up! I still have a longing to be one though...

    I remember so vividly the day Diana died. We were living in our garage and I had a newborn. It all seemed so unreal. We didn't have tv so a friend called and told me.

    Oh, now you have me curious to look up recipes for candied flowers! And I think it's wonderful you drink a good helping of green tea. It's loaded with health benefits and we love the iced kind here!

    Would love to send this mug south to you! No doubt you'd use it;)

  31. Here's an interesting collection of recipes for your royal wedding viewing party!

  32. I must admit I've never tried hot tea, so I don't really know if I would like it or not. Maybe I'll try a bit in August. ;)

    I'm starting to get settled in the new apartment. I really do like it though. It's so quiet, and everything is so new, lol. My books are mostly put away. I believe I might have mentioned it has built in bookcases. I was able to get so many books into that area. Right now, my living room floor is full of boxes, so I'm working on unpacking those. Oh, it was cold enough on Friday that I was able to use the fireplace.

    I am another one who is planning to watch the royal wedding. I can't wait. I'm taking the day off from work. Also the World Figure Skating Championships are next week, in fact the ladies short program will be the same time as the wedding. I guess I'll have the wedding on the tv, and watch the skating scores on the computer.

  33. Oh dear Sylvia, You always deliver the goods;) And you read my mind as I was hoping to try some things and invite my mom to a wedding day tea or brunch here at home! Bless u so much!

  34. Michelle,
    Whew! This move of yours about killed me;) I'm so glad you're IN and have your books and are feeling at home. The fireplace and bookcases sound heavenly! Now you fall and winter to look forward to as I envision many a cozy read...

    I thought you'd be watching the wedding and am so glad you mentioned the World Skate, etc. I am going to try to take it all in, too. Interesting they are on the same day!

    Wish I was there to help you unpack boxes. I really do love moving, especially if it's to a delightful place. And yours is!

  35. Lori - I've never seen the original Upstairs Downstairs, so I'd be very curious to hear your thoughts!

    Laura - I'm liking the master of the house, Sir Hallam, for new hero material... :) Blogged about him a bit at the end of today's post. :)

  36. Wonderful tea quotes!

    I'll take Madagascar Vanilla African Roobios Tea please,and would love to talk about pirate romances. I've been on a little MaryLu Tyndall run. Am trying to get my sea legs. I know you just gave her a wonderful endorsement for Surrender the Dawn. But, I'm also chomping at the bit to read The Colonial's Lady. What type of tea does Roxanna drink, or must we wait to find out?

  37. I'm late to the party, as usual. (What can I say? I like to make an entrance.)

    It's "Tea, Earl Grey, hot" for me, all the way--slightly sweetened (Splenda) and no milk.

    I meant to watch Upstairs, Downstairs last week and this week, but other things kept me from it. I'll probably watch both of those episodes this coming weekend, as I believe there's only one episode remaining, correct? I've never seen the original series, but if I like this new series, I may go back and watch it (I'd get the DVDs from Netflix).

    I just started reading a fantastic general-market historical: The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick. It's really filling my need for new medieval fiction right now! (trailer:

    Most of my TBR "pile" consists of sample chapters of novels I've downloaded onto my Kindle. I have them all neatly sorted into genre collections and when I have just a few minutes, I'll read one. If I like it enough to want to keep reading, I move it into my "to purchase" folder to buy when I actually might have time to read books again (instead of stealing time from writing/editing). If not, the samples are easy enough to delete.

    ::shaking my head::
    I've been Kindleized.

  38. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA!!!!!!!!! Praying your day is beautiful and blessed!!!!!! :)

    Goodness, I LOVE that mug!! PERFECT for booklovers!! ;) Heather is SO talented!! And although my beverage of choice will ALWAYS be plain old H2O, I do enjoy tea – after all, I am 25% English! ;) My current favorite tea is “True Blueberry” by Celestial Seasonings – with 2 tsp of honey :) I used to take sugar but started using honey one day during a cold last year and have been using it ever since. I also love “Fruit & Almond” tea by Bigelow and “Pomegranate Berry Green Tea” by Salada – LOL, I guess I like tea more than I thought! ;)

    I cannot tell you how seeing 408 pages for TCL made me SMILE :D I’m in love with these characters already and I haven’t even met them yet! I can’t wait to sip tea with them, too ;) Thank you so very much for a chance to win this beautiful mug!

    Abundant blessings for you today, dear friend!!

  39. Forgot to say I love those quotes too! And Emerson is right because I do feel quite poetic when drinking tea - certainly adds inspiration ;) Thanks for sharing!

    And again, Happy Birthday, my friend!!


  40. Ruth, I didn't realize the USDS version I got was as old as it is. I thought I was getting the first season of whatever's airing now. It was done in 1970. I lasted five minutes. It's already back at the library!

    What do you recommend starting with? What season is the "new" USDS version airing now?

  41. I get "lost in the pages" of a good book whenever I can. Just finished Liz Curtis Higgs latest book and loved it. =)

  42. Carla, Oh, love your tantalizing tea question about TCL;) Roxanna had to be satisfied with the unrefined Bohea till she met her colonel who gifted her with some Conjou... She's never been the same since!

    So glad you like the quotes - one of my favorite things to do is look them up and collect them! And I so understand the MaryLu craze. I'd not read one of her books before endorsement and truly find her voice and style so admirable. While reading I learned a few tricks;) She has a perfect blend of narrative and dialogue among other things. I can see why she is so loved.

    Thanks, Carla, for joining in here! You're always a blessing.

  43. Amanda, Oh, you remembered! And I thought it was somewhat a secret:) Thanks so much, my friend. I am having a wonderful birthday this year - best ever, I think! You and others made it so memorable and moving. I am humbled by the attention. And very thankful for each of you...

    The sun was shining when I woke up this morning - a gift! I took a long walk and then went to town to have lunch at Chestnut Cottage with my mom and MIL, sister-in-law, and sister-in-law-to-be. Shunned my usual eggs benedict for fish tacos;) And then had ice cream cake for dessert tonight.

    Soooo happy to find you excited to turn those pages of TCL! Not much longer now!

    Like you, I only use honey now. Lael would approve:)

  44. Kaye, I think Kindleization is catching! Ever since you said you download chaps first, I've been doing the same. My Kindle overfloweth. I was THRILLED to find JS Bell's latest craft book on there for a blessedly low price. I enjoy checking the free downloads so much.

    I will have to look up Chadwick. She certainly has the right name to write medieval. I never can spell that right;) I just learned of another medieval coming out from Howard in the next few months and am going to blog about the stunning cover soon, maybe next week. You'll have another to add to your list, maybe.

    Bless you, Kaye, for stopping by! You are so busy and I'm thrilled you've got some new books coming right around the corner!

  45. Amanda, Oooooh, forgot to say how much I like the sound of that blueberry tea. My men are wild about blueberries so will look for that:)

  46. Mandy, Me, too... Liz is amazing, huh? It's going on my keeper shelf for sure. So glad you loved it, too. You sound like you'd appreciate this cup;) Thanks for coming by and for entering the drawing!

  47. Laura, I am asuming if you love SC then you hopefully have been to Charleston. A lot of people (not you though) don't necessarily think about Charlston when it comes to Revolutionary War history down here. Have you ever read Celia Garth by Gwen Bristoe? It takes place in Charleston during the Revolution. It's quite interesting. Yes, I would enjoy the cup. LOL! =)

  48. Yes, Mandy, I have read Celia Garth but it stands a good rereading as it was many years ago! I haven't been to Charleston, sadly, but have read and researched so much about the city I feel I have;) You're so right about it being rich in Revolutionary War history. It really is an amazing place and I think the movie, The Patriot, was filmed in parts of SC. There are some very interesting South Carolinians in those days!

    Bless you for adding a historical touch here and talking about your great state. Mary here is from SC (hope I'm not overlooking anyone else)!

    MaryLu Tyndall is getting ready to research a new series set in SC so stay tuned for that:)

  49. OK!!! WHEN WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY?!?! Fess up lady!!

  50. Hi Stacie! I didn't mention it here but things have a way of leaking;) April 19th! I'm now officially over the hill! But it didn't hurt too much as I had you and others with me. You readers are such generous creatures!! I continue to be so delighted by my Morrow cards you gave me. I sent one out Monday:)

  51. Hello Laura, I'm visiting from Heather's blog. Her new series of art on ceramics is just wonderful! Especially since they are of a literary bent. :) My favorite tea is chai - and I'd love to discuss one of my favorite classics "Wuthering Heights." Thanks for the opportunity - it's great to meet you! Theresa

  52. Theresa,
    So happy to have you here! Chai is one of my favorites, too. I just popped over to one of your blogs and it is beautiful!! You have a whimsical spirit like Heather:) YES, Wuthering Heights! A true classic. I noticed you have Bright Star in a post - I've been wanting to watch that for some time. Hoping today is a blessed one for you. Happy Easter!

  53. It has been WAY too long since I had a tea party and I almost feel as if I was late to this one. Oh well. I guess I will pour myself a cup of my homemade chai. I love the spicy flavor of this tea.
    I saw this mug on Etsy, I believe, and absolutely loved it. You're right Laura, so whimsy.
    Hmmm. Let's talk about writing and my bookshelf. I didn't order all of them from amazon but, and I am completely serious here, my stack reaches all the way to the top of my head and I am by no means a short woman. I think I either need to read slower or read less.Just between you and me though, I doubt I will be reading any slower or any less :)
    Happy Easter all

  54. LOL, Hannah;) I'm trying to read faster and more! And having trouble with that as writing keeps gaining the upper hand...

    So good to see you here. I have to take a look over at etsy as that's new to me though I know the name. Whimsy is a wonderful word, huh! I'm thinking of you today and glad you're on solid ground. I hope you write a book about a sailing heroine someday!

  55. I'm checking in very late, but I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Looks like you got some lovely books!

    Heather's artwork is gorgeous. I have a few of her bookmarks and love them.

    I love all sorts of tea. Chris and I love trying the new ones. Last night we tried Twinings Black Current Breeze (excellent). How do you take your tea, Laura? We like honey and we have a little container of raw honey that we dip into only on special occasions ;).

    Have a lovely Resurrection Day!

  56. Happy Easter, Julia!! So glad you're here:) It's not the same w/o you! Oh, I do love currants so that does sound like my cup of tea, no pun intended...

    I'm such a honey fan myself and use a spoonful in my decaf every morning and then tea every night. My boys are thinking of keeping bees and a couple of hives this summer. I love the thought but not the stings! Today I bought some wild blackberry honey at the market and prefer that over orange blossom. It's supposed to be good for allergies and Lael even used it for wounds;)

    Heather is an inspiring artist, that's for sure. I have some of those postcards, too. Have you seen her fiddler man she just created? The one with the beard? I told her it reminded me of the hero in my next book!

    Praying His richest blessings on you and the littles and everyone here this Easter.

  57. I miss checking in here, too :).

    I'm glad you like honey. I've never tried the blackberry honey, actually I'm not sure if I've seen it around here. Sounds fantastic though.

    That would be neat if you start keeping bees, I wonder if it would make its way into your novels. And it would be so neat to see pictures.

    I'll have to go to Heather's site and check out her new stuff.

  58. Heather is such a gem! I love love her mugs! <3 count me in!

  59. Julia, I promise I'll post if the bee activity takes off:) Would you believe honey bees weren't native to America? The Indians called them the "white man's fly." Europeans brought them in, primarily the English. I've always found that so interesting.

    Good to have you back with us, whenever it fits to stop by!!

  60. Shayla,
    Thanks for stopping here! Heather is such an inspiration ~ am glad you know her, too!