Monday, February 16, 2009

the big surprise

My brother Chris and his family

Now that I'm done with all that photo foolishness, I can get back to my blog and my company. Needless to say, my writing is sitting at the bottom of the basket. I did meet that deadline for acknowledgements and such so it's nice to take some time off. The reason you haven't seen any blog pics posted lately other than the minuscule ones I barely managed to tack on, is because the big surprise sitting in my living room is my brother who is no more adept at dealing with dial-up internet than I am. So these posts definitely lack his colorful pictures.

I couldn't mention my brother's visit (via Indiana via Ecuador) because he was a surprise for my mom who flew in today. So after a reunion this morning, a big dinner of grilled shrimp and chicken and bread salad tonight, and the unveiling of his tattoo for dessert, we are tired! I wonder how many missionaries have tattoos? His extends from his shoulder to his elbow and is a lion and a lamb and cross. My mother just went to bed as she is still recovering (from jet lag and finding him here in my house and examining his rather large tattoo)!

Now that I'm cooking and cleaning and feeling leisurely again, it's a little like my life before books. No pressure or deadlines! Just doing whatever whenever. Lots to be said for that. But I find myself missing my writing. Especially that second book. Red River Daughter is my favorite, if a writer can have favorites.

It is wonderful to be in the same house with my brother again as we usually are not in the same country. And being with my Kentucky momma is an added blessing. So even a good book can wait. Happy Monday.


  1. Great pic of Chris and gang at Plimpton Lodge! Can't wait until you guys are there as well in 2010! Everyone is really looking forward to that! You need to bring your Mom too! :)

  2. Hi Rhonda, Finally getting back to the blog after company! Yes, this Plimpton Lodge photo is great. I can't wait to stand on this very balcony and get a shot of us, too! Lord willing! How long will it take you to get to the Smokies from GA? Fun:) I'm so excited for you all!