Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the most beautiful road

Recently a neighbor told me our rural road has been listed as the second most beautiful in the state of Washington. I wonder which road won top honors? There are so many in this state that I'd hate to have to judge. Our road is like a picture postcard, wending upwards toward the mountains and skirting a huge glacial lake that is nearly 700 feet deep in places. Often you have to slow for deer or even an elk or bear. Cougars roam along the creeks and there are numerous beautiful birds. It is a joy living in so spectacular a place. Looking out my windows I am constantly reminded of God's grace in allowing me to live here, even if it is extremely wet!

Still, I miss home. My husband and sons are Washingtonians but I am a Kentuckian and always will be. I'm so excited about returning home to Berea and Lexington in August this year, Lord willing and the airfare doesn't rise, so I can be with family and visit all the places I love. Too many to name really! Some of my favorite spots are Fort Boonesborough, Cassius Clay's historic home of White Hall and also Henry Clay's Ashland, the pinnacle and Indian Fort in Madison County, the beautiful Berea College campus and Danforth Chapel, etc. My early years were spent in the Mammoth Cave area further south/west but will have to save that for another trip.

When I do fly home I am always a bit sad to see how much things have changed, grown, been rearranged. I think Daniel Boone would turn over in his grave to see the land he settled so transformed. I doubt he'd even recognize Kentucky anymore. But it is still home and I am always glad to get there.

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