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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

happy day

Today was a big day for us and I wanted to share our excitement here. After several years of renting and borrowing violins, we were able to buy Paul one today! I wish you could peer past my very poor photography to the beautiful fiddle underneath. It's made of maple and has mother-of-pearl inlay around the rim. An older fiddler Paul knows decided to sell it and we were so happy to take it off his hands. The tone is so fine - very mellow and sweet. The funny things about violins is that a good one only becomes more valuable over time. Another interesting thing is that they must be played. A violin that isn't played deteriorates pretty quickly. The tone becomes very poor. At least that's what we're learning.

We celebrated by going to lunch at Arby's. While there a funny thing happened. A lady came up to me and asked if I was Laura Frantz. I said yes, thinking she'd read my book (though no one has ever picked me out of a crowd before!). She said she'd seen Paul play at a recent show and wanted to meet him. I had to chuckle when they shook hands and got acquainted. That beats an old book any day:) Being a fiddler's mom is lots of fun and you meet all sorts of interesting people. I like to think the Lord picked out this very violin for Paul. It just took us a few years to find it.

I'm not musical myself. I quit after flunking flutaphone in the 3rd grade! But I'd love to know if you play an instrument or ever have. Or if you don't, which one would you play if you could?